Glaucoma Management

  • Glaucoma Management From Your Optometrist in Knightdale NC

    Glaucoma is an understandably alarming condition. This progressive form of optic nerve damage, one of the world’s leading causes of permanent blindness, afflicts over 3 million Americans, especially those aged 40 and older. But if you receive diagnosis of glaucoma, don’t panic. This condition can’t be reversed, but it can be controlled — and the early we start treating it here at The Eye Institute, the more effectively we can save your eyesight. Your optometrist in Knightdale, NC can employ state-of-the-art treatment methods to help you gain the upper hand over glaucoma.

    Looking Out for Glaucoma

    The most common kind of glaucoma, a condition called open-angle glaucoma, may not show any obvious symptoms for years — but that doesn’t mean it isn’t damaging your eyes. In most cases, the culprit is excessive pressure in the eye caused by sluggish drainage of a fluid called the aqueous humor. This pressure destroys optic nerve fibers, and eventually it can reduce your peripheral vision, followed by your central vision. A rare variation, angle-closure glaucoma, is a medical emergency in which the drainage suddenly fails completely, causing a rapid (and potentially blinding) spike in eye pressure. But for most people, the first time they learn of their glaucoma is during a routine eye exam — which is why regular exams are so critical.

    Keeping Glaucoma Under Control

    The timely administration of the skilled Eye Institute, can greatly slow the progress of open-angle glaucoma, granting you optimal vision for many years to come. For starters, your optometrist in The Eye Institute will insist on frequent eye pressure evaluations so your condition can be monitored carefully. As for treatment, medications are the first line of defense against glaucoma — for for many patients, it’s more than sufficient to keep your eye pressure under control. Some medicated eye drops reduce the amount of aqueous humor produced by the eye, while others help the eye’s drainage mesh perform more efficiently. Both types of medication can be combined to enhance the overall results. Oral medications can also be prescribed to reinforce the effect of the eye drops if necessary.

    Even if medications alone can’t control your glaucoma, there are still other options that can. For instance, we may refer you to an eye surgeon who can perform a laser technique called a trabeculoplasty. This quick, painless procedure can significantly improve fluid drainage. Other types of surgical treatment to help patients with angle-closure glaucoma can also be highly effective.

    Protect Your Vision — Call Our Knightdale NC Clinic Today

    Remember, early detection is crucial for getting a grip on your glaucoma before it can damage your eyesight significantly. If you already have glaucoma, you’ll want to schedule monitoring and treatment of your condition as soon as possible. Either way, the choice is clear — call our Knightdale NC clinic today at 919-266-2048 to schedule an appointment and arrange for sight-saving The Eye Institute eye care!

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