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Can the Proper Eyewear Help Your Kids Sleep Better at Night?

A recent study shows that children’s eyes absorb more blue light from devices than adults’ eyes do, and that blue light can affect their sleep cycles making it harder for them to unwind at night. If you have kids at home, you know that the amount of time they spend on screen, especially during summer […]

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How long will my new prescription lenses last?

Your Eye Institute doctor will show you how to properly clean and care for your glasses so that they last a very long time.  If you know that you will be rough on your eyewear, request heavy duty options when selecting frames and our team can advise you. Here are some reasons your prescription needs […]

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Eating for Eye Health

Adding these powerful vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to your diet can improve eye health, reduce your risk of serious eye disease and can actually improve your vision.

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September is Healthy Aging Month

September 2021 is Healthy Aging Month, a whole month dedicated to empowering older adults and raising awareness of the health measures you can take to promote the positive features of aging.

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