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    Eyewear and glasses aren’t just for improved vision; they are part of your style and personality. The Eye Institute is committed to working with a large variety of frame designers, from world-renowned brands to independent retailers.

    We stock a variety of frame styles for men, women, teens, and children. Eyewear designers are creating incredible works of art for your best look, even incorporating a variety of materials from lightweight plastic and metal alloys to wood and even buffalo horn. Whether you are seeking something fashion-forward or more traditional, you’ll find it at The Eye Institute.

    Etnia Barcelona

    Since 2001, Etnia Barcelona has created glasses with natural materials and mineral glass lenses. Art, culture, and creativity inspire our colorful designs and our way to see the world. Our experience and know-how stretches over 70 years. For 20 of those years, we have been using artisan techniques to create the highest-quality glasses on the market. Etnia Barcelona challenges everyone to express themselves fearlessly. We are color, art, and culture – but more than anything, we are the city that has cradled us since our birth: Barcelona. A city open to the world, a way of life, simply a question of attitude.

    Tom Davies

    Tom Davies is a prestigious eyewear brand without parallel, built on the principles of fit, form and function. Tom Davies was created in London in 2002, and offers customers a fully bespoke service using the highest quality materials, principally Silver 925, natural horn, pure titanium and cotton acetate. Tom Davies produces all frames by hand, so every step of the process is meticulously controlled. This ensures flawless quality and the highest level of craftsmanship.


    Founded in Saint Louis, MO in 1879 by A.P. Erkers, Erkers Eyewear is a family company who looks into the past to build a future. Our heritage brand reflects the passion and hard work we’ve been dedicating for years to the optic profession. For over 140 years and 5 generations, our name has been synonymous with fine eyewear. Still headquartered in Saint Louis, we are proud to service boutiques across the world.


    Founded in 1997 by friends Henrik Ørgreen, Tobias Wandrup, and Gregers Fastrup, Ørgreen Optics is Danish design at its best. The values and standards set by internationally acclaimed designers such as Arne Jacobsen and Louis Poulsen – innovation, quality, minimalism, and clean lines – are found in every frame – yet with an Ørgreen twist; inspired by street culture, extreme sports and classic cars. Striving to master color in the eyewear design world, Ørgreen’s full-time Color Designer, Sahra Lysell’s vision is carried out at some of the world’s leading colour labs in Japan, with a colouring process that consists of more than 15 individual steps. The different hues – over 400 – are exquisitely composed in an array of opposites, from strong to fragile, intense to tranquil, raw to refined, sweet to serious and audacious to understated. Ørgreen’s success not only derives from color, but it is also the result of a long journey of persistence and hard work to develop superior designer eyewear. Ørgreen eyewear is designed in Denmark and made by hand in Japan, known and respected for impeccable standards and quality. Individually crafted with more than 100 processes, each frame can take up to six months to achieve its penchant for perfection.


    In a world that emphasizes immediacy, we choose to anchor ourselves in traditions of craftsmanship and thoughtful execution. The distinctly Japanese approach of combining handcrafted techniques and innovative technology guides our philosophy of experimentation and is unmistakably ‘Matsuda.’ Each finished creation is an art object unto itself — as pleasing to the hand as it is to the eye. Innovation and experimentation have been a part of Matsuda’s DNA since Mitsuhiro Matsuda founded his fashion house in Tokyo over 50 years ago. Recognized as being one of the first designers to meld architecture with fashion, it was his ready-to-wear and eyewear creations that truly captured the attention of the world in the 1980s. His campaigns were celebrated collaborations with renowned artists, such as Nan Goldin, Jan Saudek, Juergen Teller and Bruce Weber, cementing Matsuda’s reputation as an innovator and creator of art-as-fashion. This tradition remains the cornerstone of everything we do today.

    Red Bird Raleigh

    The Red Bird Raleigh collection is a small eyewear brand created in 2018 by one of our owners, Adam Palo, OD. It was designed to not only express our individuality as a private, local practice but also, to provide more control over what we can offer our patients. In other words, style meets affordability. Each frame is inspired by classic styles of the past, while adapting to the trendy styles of the present and future. The name “Red Bird” is the nickname that Dr. Palo’s mother gave to our state bird, the Cardinal, which she lovingly used to feed.

    Red Bird 828

    On August 28th, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. led a historic march on Washington D.C. in an effort to bring about much needed changes to civil rights legislation. Red Bird 828 is a designer extension of our Red Bird Raleigh line meant to commemorate the brave men and women who fought for the freedom’s they equally deserved, but knew they may never see. In addition to honoring their legacy, we will be donating a portion of every Red Bird 828 sale to The Equal Justice Initiative. EJI is a foundation that provides legal defense for wrongfully convicted inmates, children in adult prisons, and inmates on death row that cannot obtain representation.

    Maui Jim

    Maui Jim got its start in 1980 as a small company selling sunglasses on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. Seeing a need in the market for technology that could combat intense glare and harmful UV while bringing the brilliant colors of the island life, we engineered the revolutionary PolarizedPlus 2 lens. Incorporated into seven new sunglass styles, our Classic Collection was introduced. We now offer over 125 styles of sunglasses, 100% of which are polarized and protect from 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

    Tom Ford

    Tom Ford is among the most highly respected and successful designers today. The winner of numerous design awards, his rise in fashion began in 1994. After different collaborations with legendary fashion houses, in April 2005, he announced the creation of the Tom Ford brand. In that same year, Tom Ford signed his partnership with Marcolin Group to produce and distribute optical frames and sunglasses. Predecessor of trends, Tom Ford has long been a style icon who continues to lead and mold the mood of the moment. A potent vision of modernity and glamorous allure can be seen in all his creations and products, which feature an innovative and provocative design, attention to detail and exclusive materials and workmanship.The brand’s core values are reflected in the eyewear collection: Made in Italy, with painstaking attention to detail and high-quality products. The sunglasses and glasses merge together both vintage and contemporary influences. All the styles are rendered instantly recognizable by the elegant metal “T” detail, the undisputed icon of the brand.


    In 2014, Marc Franchi, Jason Stanley, Scott Shapiro & Jerry Wolowicz set out to create the world’s first truly American brand of luxury eyewear. The result — STATE Optical Co. STATE was built from the ground up in Chicago — our hometown. Our frames are meticulously handcrafted to be a genuine expression of one’s personal style and distinct personality. Each frame undergoes an arduous process of 75+ steps and hundreds of hours, turning the employees behind the brand into an elite group of artisans. ‘Made in America’ is more than just a label — it’s a STATE of mind and a vision of where we’re going.


    February 31st does not exist in the calendar. But just because something does not exist does not mean that it cannot exist. Enter — Feb31st. Feb31st is an Italian company born from the intuition and tenacity of three entrepreneurs who wanted to do what had not been done before. They wanted to create custom luxury eyewear, handcrafted with natural materials and yet respectful of nature. Feb31st exists to offer the customer freedom of choice without sacrificing quality or ethical practices. Because what doesn’t exist is merely an opportunity for what can exist.

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