• As experienced optometrists in Knightdale, you can trust our doctors and our entire optometry team at The Eye Institute to be there when you have an emergency or need routine eye exams. Our team is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive care in a friendly, relaxing environment. Our team offers eyecare services to adults and children and for a wide range of services.

    Put Your Trust in Our The Eye Institute Optometrist for All of Your Eyecare Needs

    Your eyes require routine eye exams and comprehensive screenings to ensure your vision remains protected and your eye health remains good. As a licensed and experienced The Eye Institute optometrist, you can contact our team for all of the services you need to keep your eyes in their best condition possible. Our services include:

    Vision Care

    We offer vision care services to adults and children. Our services include the annual eye exam that everyone needs to have. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive exam looking for any concerns with your vision as well as your eye health. If you need help, we offer diagnosis and management of a variety of eye conditions as well as laser correction services, and emergency eyecare. We keep pediatric eye exams as easy as possible.

    Vision Products

    Many of our patients will need corrective vision products. When we conduct your eye screening, we’ll learn about these and then offer you the right products for your needs. We may recommend options such as:

    • Rigid, gas permeable contact lenses
    • Soft lenses
    • Toric lenses for astigmatism
    • Multifocal contact lenses
    • Color contacts
    • Eyeglasses – including high-index lenses, Transitions, polycarbonate lenses, and polarized lenses
    • Frames in all of today’s fashionable brands and styles
    • Prescription sunglasses


    LASIK Eye Surgery

    Some of our patients will benefit from LASIK eye surgery. This procedure works to correct your vision. At The Eye Institute, we’re happy to talk to you about whether or not you qualify for this procedure and then offer our referral to a specialized, local eye surgeon.

    Management and Disease Treatment

    We offer full management and treatment of a range of eye health and vision concerns. This includes glaucoma management, Meibomian gland dysfunction, diabetic eye care, and emergency care services for injuries or inflammation.


    Why Trust The Eye Institute Optometry?

    Whether you need eye exams for those annual checkups or to screen for eye-related disease, or you need eyeglasses to give you the look you want, you can depend on the team at The Eye Institute Eyecare. We’re committed to being the best Knightdale optometry office in the area that offers state-of-the-art equipment, a large selection of name brand frames and contact lenses, and exceptional care. We’ve reliably served the area’s eye and vision needs since 1997 and we’re committed to being there for you through it all.


    Contact Our Optometrist in The Eye Institute Today for an Appointment

    Our optometrists in The Eye Institute are available to schedule your appointment right away. Call us at 919-266-2048 to talk to our team about your eye exam, consultations, eyeglass purchase, or contact lens fitting today.

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