Digital Eye Strain

Computer Vision Syndrome 

With the increased use of computers, cell phones and tablets, more and more people are experiencing Computer Vision Syndrome. Also known as Digital Eye Strain, it is typically a result of prolonged time in front of screens. The related symptoms may range from headaches and blurred vision to dry eyes and neck and shoulder pain.

During your comprehensive eye exam our doctors will evaluate your symptoms and make recommendations to help you maintain your best visual acuity and eye comfort. Sometimes it’s a matter of taking frequent breaks from digital usage or it might be advisable to consider body posture and screen distance. In some cases an adjustment in prescription will help or use of specially treated lenses, such as the Neurolens, might be part of the treatment plan.

All of our patients are evaluated for Computer Vision Syndrome as part of their comprehensive eye exam. Contact us to schedule an appointment and help you enjoy your screen time!