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    More than 29 million Americans are believed to have diabetes. These individuals are at serious risk for a form of permanent vision loss called diabetic eye disease. Fortunately, The Eye Institute can help you protect your eyes against this potential sight robber through regular exams, and treatment as needed, from our Knightdale NC optometrist.

    Diabetes and the Eye

    When your pancreas cannot manufacture enough insulin to control blood sugar levels, the excess sugar in the bloodstream damages the blood vessels — and the many tiny blood vessels in the eye are typically among the first to fail. As the blood vessels underlying the retina start to leak and bleed, the macula (the part of the retina that produces your central vision) may swell up, causing visual distortion and increasing the number of “floaters” you see. As more and more blood vessels go bad, the retinal tissues lose access to critical nourishment, resulting in permanent retinal damage and vision loss. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy.

    At some point in your diabetic eye disease, the afflicted eyes may start growing a large number of new blood vessels to replace the ones that have failed. This late-stage condition, known as proliferative diabetic retinopathy, actually complicates matters further because the new blood vessels are usually weak-walled and defective. This results in even more blood leakage into the clear gelatinous vitreous humor, making your vision worse. To add insult to injury, diabetes also increases your risks for glaucoma and cataracts.

    Your Optometrist in The Eye Institute Can Help

    Diabetic eye disease can progress for a long time without your being aware of the damage being done to your eyes. In fact, you might not even know you have diabetes until a comprehensive eye exam uncovers a case of diabetic retinopathy. That’s one really compelling reason (among many) to get your eyes examined regularly, particularly if you have genetic or lifestyle-based risk factors for diabetes. Your optometrist in The Eye Institute will discuss your condition and urge you to visit your family doctor for immediate diabetes treatment. Controlling the underlying cause is a must for controlling its effects on your eyes!

    Our clinic can provide you with a personalized The Eye Institute program to help you cope with diabetic eye issues. For instance, corrective lenses and vision aids can help compensate for low vision. Medications can control the proliferation of new blood vessels. In some cases may refer you to an eye surgeon for laser procedures to cauterize leaky blood vessels, or for replacement of blood-tainted vitreous humor with clear fluid. You can also count on The Eye Institute to address related eye issues such as glaucoma.

    Let Us Protect Your Eyes Against Diabetic Damage

    Spare your eyesight from the ravages of diabetic eye disease, starting with a comprehensive exam to catch the condition early. Call 919-266-2048 for an appointment with your optometrist in Knightdale NC!

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