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    Conjunctivitis occurs when the white, clear covering of the front of the eye and the inner eyelid becomes inflamed. The condition is often referred to as “Pink Eye” by many doctors and parents of school-aged children. It is quite a common eye condition in both adults and children, but especially with those who are in close contact with others on a daily basis, such as teachers and students. It is highly contagious but is easily treated and typically only lasts for a few days.

    Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

    One of the main indications that a person is experiencing conjunctivitis is that the white part of the eye develops a pinkish color, hence the nickname of the condition. Other symptoms depend on the type of conjunctivitis a person has. With Viral conjunctivitis, people get watery eyes and an itchy feeling in the eyes. Bacterial conjunctivitis causes the eye to discharge a sticky mucus that sometimes causes the eyelids to stick together after waking up in the morning. If a person has Allergic conjunctivitis, there may also be some burning and itching of the eyes, along with sensitivity to light as well as a runny nose. Viral and Bacterial conjunctivitis are both contagious but Allergic Conjunctivitis is not.

    Treatment Options

    Antibiotic eye drops are often used with people who have bacterial conjunctivitis and people with allergic conjunctivitis can take allergy medication, as recommended by their doctor. With viral conjunctivitis, cold compresses placed over the eyes may help with symptoms, but it is usually left, without medication, to clear up within a few days.

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