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What’s The Most Important Test Your Child should Take?

An Eye Exam is the most important test your child should take.

At The Eye Institute, we’re passionate about children’s eye exams. They are essential to success in the classroom, sports, and overall quality of life.

You don’t know if your child is seeing their best and vision can change frequently at different ages. We are here not only to check for visual correction but also to evaluate the development of visual systems and performance at critical stages of growth. How well your child is seeing and if there are undetected conditions affecting optimal vision are why we encourage routine comprehensive exams. In today’s world, the impact of ‘screen time’ in front of digital devices can leave a child with eye strain and focusing difficulties. We want to evaluate ocular health, eye tracking, and any potential family eye health history. So get your child accustomed to visiting the eye doctor and contact us at The Eye Institute.