When To Visit An Optometrist When You Have Pink Eye

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is an inflammatory condition affecting the inner lining of the eyelids as well as the outermost membrane of the eyes. It can be caused one of several factors including bacteria, viruses, chemical irritation, or allergic reactions. At The Eye Institute here in Knightdale, NC, our optometry team has examined and treated hundreds of cases of pink eye and are happy to help you and your loved ones if you’re ever concerned that one of you may be suffering from this common and uncomfortable condition.


5 Reasons to Visit An Optometrist in Knightdale If You or a Loved One Has Pink Eye

Most cases of pink eye are mild (with symptoms including eye redness, itching or burning, and watery discharge) and go away on their own within about a week to ten days, especially if you maintain proper hand hygiene and use at-home symptom relief treatments. However, you should give an optometrist in Knightdale a call if you notice any of the following:

1.Yellow or green discharge from your eyes (this often makes your eyelids crust and stick together in the morning)
2.Fever, chills, and facial pain
3.Severe eye pain when looking at bright light or the appearance of halos around bright lights
4.Blurry vision, double vision, and vision loss
5.Symptoms that do not go away after two weeks (even if mild)
Seasonal allergies and certain other conditions often present like pink eye, and can also be treated and managed with help from an optometrist in Knightdale.


What Our Knightdale Optometry Team Can Do for You if You Have Pink Eye

If you see us for pink eye treatment, our Knightdale optometry team will thoroughly examine your eyes and evaluate your history to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms. Depending on our examination results, we’ll provide you with affordable and effective treatment solutions, which may include antibiotic eye drops, ointments, ocular decongestants, and anti-inflammatory or anti-allergy medications.

So, is it time to see us? Don’t hesitate. Call our friendly staff at 919-266-2048 for the help and guidance you need!