Do What With Your Flex Spend Dollars?

Many of our patients have ‘Flexible Spending Accounts’ (FSAs) that often end each calendar year. These dollars can be used for all of your vision care services: such as eye exams, dry eye treatments and procedures, disease management, special testing procedures, contact lenses  and eyewear purchases. The doctors and staff at all of the TEI […]

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Flexible Savings Accounts: Use Your Extra Dollars for Vision Care

Do you have an FSA? Many of our patients have “Flexible Spending Accounts” (FSAs) to save money for healthcare purposes. Those typically expire at year-end, and that’s coming soon!  FSAs are specific accounts that patients contribute money to cover individual out-of-pocket healthcare costs. The money in your FSA is not taxed. Some employers even contribute […]

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3 Eye Problems to Watch for Starting at Age 65 

Our bodies age as we grow older and our eyes are no exception. If you are nearing the age of 65 or are past it, there are specific eye conditions that you should know about so you can catch them early. The earlier you catch certain eye diseases, the longer your eyes will be in […]

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Check Out the Perks of Buying an Annual Supply of Contacts.  

Get Perks When You Buy a Big Batch of Contacts  When you buy contacts, do you buy enough for one month or maybe two? Contact lenses aren’t cheap, so we understand. Perhaps you’re nervous about storing several blister packs or don’t know which prescription is for which eye.   But there are benefits to buying your […]

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Keeping You Safe At The Eye Doctor

If you haven’t been to visit your TEI optometrist this year, you might guess that some things have changed. We’re doing everything we can to keep you and our team safe during these challenging times.  We know some of you are nervous, but please, don’t skip your next eye appointment, especially if you’re experiencing any […]

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Are You Causing Your Dry Eye?

Are Your Habits or Products Causing Your Dry Eye Symptoms?  Dry eye can affect anyone, no matter what their age or circumstances. The weather or sitting near your home or work’s heating/AC vents can dry out your eyes. Some groups of people tend to have dry eye more, such as older people, those on certain […]

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