How long will my new prescription lenses last?

Your Eye Institute doctor will show you how to properly clean and care for your glasses so that they last a very long time.  If you know that you will be rough on your eyewear, request heavy duty options when selecting frames and our team can advise you.

Here are some reasons your prescription needs may vary over time:

—Your Age: After age 40, you may struggle to read and perform other close-up tasks due to a condition known as presbyopia. Your Eye Institute doctor may need to prescribe bifocals or multifocal / progressive glasses for you.

—Eye Diseases: There are hereditary and other diseases which can impair your vision and even lead to blindness. Your Eye Institute doctor will screen you for age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. Let them know right away if you have a family history of any of these conditions.

—Your Lifestyle: Frequent “screen” users often experience digital eye strain, which may require more powerful prescription lenses. Many of us spend a majority of our day on screens of one kind or another.  Talk with your Eye Institute doctor about blue light filters and how to minimize the impact of digital eye strain on your eyes.