Beyond Sunscreen: The Importance of UV Protection for Your Eyes

Most people know that UV rays can be harmful to your skin, causing irritating and painful sunburns and, over time, skin cancer. But you might not realize UV rays can also hurt your eyes.

UV rays come naturally from the sun and UV lamps in tanning beds. Both can produce UV rays at an extremely high level. You already know the damage from these high levels can include premature aging, sagging and discolored skin, and skin cancer. In your eyes, the sun’s glare can lead to cataracts, growths, and other damage. If you spend a lot of time on the water or snow, the reflection can cause “snow blindness,” which is like a sunburn in your eyes. 

Protecting your eyes is as easy as putting on sunglasses. But be sure to choose a pair that blocks UV rays. Many inexpensive pairs will shade the sun without actually blocking the UV light. Look for labels that say, “100% protection against both UVA and UVB.” (Note: You don’t have to worry about UVC rays.) And yes, you should still wear them on cloudy days! 

We offer a wide range of UV-blocking sunglasses, and we are confident you will find a pair that fits your style. UV-blocking sunglasses protect your eyes from those harmful rays when you’re in the sun. 

Looking for Chemical-Free Sunscreen? 

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