What is a Stye?


What is a Stye?

Stye is a term generally used by the public to refer to a small localized lump, swelling or inflammation of the eyelid. Medically, a stye is differentiated into hordeolum (stye) or chalazion. Hordeolum is an inflammation and/or infection of the eyelid’s hair follicles or meibomian glands. Generally, its painful and red. Hordeolums can be either external, involving the hair follicles, or internal, involving the meibomian glands.On the other hand, chalazion is usually caused by a blockage of meibomian glands and formation of granulomas. Chalazions are usually a chronic painless problem. Both these conditions generally resolves when treated with warm compresses and lid hygiene. But sometimes requires medical intervention.

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