All About Tom Ford Eyewear

Tom Ford is one of the leading designers in fashion eyewear for 2017.  His style embodies the old classic look with a new modern twist on fashion.  For instance, the new Tom Ford Snowden Wayfarer is a black frame that is thicker and bolder in design to highlight the fact that the wearer wants to be noticed from across the street. The Colette Modified Oval Sunglasses were made popular by movie stars in the 1970’s.

Tom Ford accentuated the curves and put a pantoscopic tilt to give a rounder look to cover more of the face. One of this year’s most unique frames is the Tom Ford Dimitri Aviator Sunglasses.  This frame is the classic aviator shape but with a gold upper trim that is thinner than the inferior rim which is a stark black modified frame.

For those who want to flash back to the past, the Tom Ford Anoushka Butterfly pay homage to the ubiquitous cat eye frames.  This frame busts the mold by adding the Tom Ford signature silver trim and making the side temples literally twice as thick as its predecessor.

How Do I Know the Eyewear I Am Getting is Authentic Tom Ford?

  1. All new Tom Ford sunglasses come in a Tom Ford brand box. Additionally, make sure the font and logo match the official Tom Ford logo. Unfortunately, a small number of counterfeit products are also sold in real Tom Ford packaging, but most often not.
  2. The Tom Ford sticker helps to prove its authenticity as well, so make sure the eyewear comes with the retail label on the box.
  3. Every pair of Tom Ford eyewear is packaged with a booklet and authenticity card.
  4. All Tom Ford eyewear also comes with cleaning cloth and Tom Ford eyeglass case.
  5. Authentic Tom Ford sunglasses can be identified by:
  • The top left corner of the lens will say Tom Ford
  • On the left arm, you will find the model or code number
  • All new models will have the serial number on the tip

Make sure to always buy your brand name eyewear from a trusted Doctor of Optometry. We only carry authentic merchandise and the latest brands and styles. We guarantee that your purchase is safe, and authentic direct from the manufacturer.