The Effects of Increased Computer Usage

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With the ever increasing use of computers in our daily lives at work as well as for pleasure, it is important to note the effects that extended computer use can have on our visual system.  Extended use of  computer screens has been linked to complaints of ocular strain and dry eye symptoms.  Do your eyes ache while working on the computer, or do you note blurred vision, a sandy gritty feeling or increased redness? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, we can help!  It could be that something as simple as a prescription for glasses or contacts could eliminate your problem or perhaps a change in your current prescription.  If you have dry , tired eyes we can help resolve that issue also.  We all work and we all enjoy our screen time but wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate blur, dryness and discomfort. We would love the opportunity to help. For more details about computer vision syndrome  please go to the CVS section here on our website.

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