Do I have Presbyopia?

presbyopiaCan you see well to drive and watch television, but find yourself stretching out your arms to read that recipe, backing away from your computer screen to determine if that is an 8 or a 3, or turning every light in the house on to read the newspaper at night? Well if that sounds like you, welcome to the world of presbyopia.

Presbyopia is a natural aging change that affects the focusing system within our eyes, and typically occurs around the age of 40.  Inside the eye, the lens and muscle fibers that hold the lens in place harden as we age. This hardening prevents the lens to focus light directly on the retina, a light sensitive tissue in the back of the eye that transfers messages, which will later become the images we see, through the optic nerve to the brain.

If the above mentioned symptoms sound familiar and you have already increased the font size of this blog, schedule yourself for an eye exam. Presbyopia can be corrected with many different options that your optometrist can go over with you during your examination. See you soon!!!

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