Tired of Wearing Glasses?


During clinic, I often hear “I’m over 40 and currently wear bifocals or progressive lenses so I can see far away and up close, but I’m so tired of wearing glasses. They slide down my nose; I can’t wear sunshades without prescription; Do I have any other options?”  Well fortunately, you do!!!  Your optometrists, as well as the contact lens companies, have heard you. Multifocal or mono-vision designed contact lenses may be the answer. The majority of multifocal design contact lenses are similar to bifocal or progressive glasses where the bottom portion of the contact focuses your near vision, and the top portion focuses for distance. Your optometrist will allow you to trial this type of contact lens design for 1-2 weeks to ensure your individual daily tasks such as driving, computer use, and reading can be completed at ease. A second approach your optometrist may trial to correct distance and near vision in patients over 40, is called mono-vision. A mono-vision contact lens uses your dominant eye for distance vision and your non-dominant eye for near vision, which will be determined during your contact lens examination. Like being fit with multifocal contact lenses, your optometrist will allow you to trial these lenses for 1-2 weeks to allow your brain to adapt to your new vision. Patients are always advised, with mono-vision contact lenses, your depth perception will likely be reduced due to each eye correcting for a different distance, but most patients have little trouble adjusting to this change. If you’re like many other patients who are tired of wearing glasses, please do not hesitate to ask if contact lenses are right for you.

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