WakeMed Health & Hospitals Employee Discount Program

  • Exclusively Available at TEI

    Everybody deserves great vision care, but not everybody has vision insurance!

    At The Eye Institute, WakeMed employees who don’t have a vision care benefit can come to The Eye Institute and enjoy benefits and discounts without any monthly or annual fees! Employees and their families are eligible by simply showing their WakeMed ID. Eligibility is immediately accepted, and there’s no annual limit to the number of times you can utilize your benefits. It’s that simple!

    Here’s a summary of the features of the Vision Health Plan

    • $138 Comprehensive Eye Exam that Includes Retinal Imaging
    • $50 Discount on All New Contact Lens Evaluations and Fitting Fees; $25 Discount on All Established/Same Level Contact Lens Evaluations and Fitting Fees*
    • 15% Discount on Purchases of Annual Supply of Contact Lenses
    • 20% Discount on Prescription Eyewear
    • 10% Discount on Designer Sunglasses
    • Patients Will be Qualified for Special Promotional Offers Such as 50% Off Multiple pairs of Eyewear and 50% Off Back-Up Glasses for Contact Lens Wearers*

    * The TEI staff are available to help with questions and program restrictions.

    Again, there are no monthly or annual fees and no limit to how frequently the Vision Health Plan can be utilized. This plan is exclusively available in any location at The Eye Institute.

    This Offer is Available at the Following Locations:

    Knightdale Location


    Downtown Raleigh Location


    North Raleigh Location


    Heritage Eye Care Location


    The Eye Institute

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