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Thinking Of Getting Contact Lenses? What You Need To Know

If you are considering contact lenses to correct your vision problem, you probably have plenty of questions. The Eye Institute, your optometrist in Knightdale, NC has all the answers; here are a few of the most frequently requested facts:

woman inserting contact lens in eye

Is a contact lens exam the same as a regular eye examination?

No. Your optometrist will perform a comprehensive eye examination that evaluates your vision and overall eye health. Then, if you are interested in contact lenses as an alternative to glasses, there are additional tests necessary to determine whether you are a good candidate for contacts. Much like shirts and sandals, contacts are not one size fits all. The eye doctor will evaluate your corneal curvature,  the size of your pupil and iris and assess your tear film. (one of the most common  problems  with contact lens wearing is dry eyes.)

What types of contact lenses are available?

There are hard and soft contact lenses.

Hard lenses hold their shape while allowing oxygen through the lens.  The most common hard lenses are rigid, gas permeable lenses (RPG). These may be preferable if you have allergies or with certain astigmatisms.

Soft lenses are by far the top choice of contact lens wearers; are more comfortable to wear and stay in place better. they come in many  varieties, depending on your individual needs:

Daily wear: removed nightly, placed back in the eye in the morning, and  are the least expensive

Extended-wear: worn while sleeping but removed at least weekly for thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

Disposable-wear: removed nightly and replaced on a regular basis ( daily, weekly, biweekly) more convenient but more expensive.

Toric lenses: Can correct astigmatism but not as well as RPG lenses can in most cases.

Bifocal or multifocal lenses; These are available in both soft and RPG and can correct nearsightedness, and farsightedness in combination with the normal vision loss that occurs with aging.

Colored lenses and circle lenses: colored lenses change your eye color and appearance. Circle lenses make the iris look larger.

What are the benefits of contact lenses?

Since contact lenses sit directly on your eye your peripheral vision is unobstructed. Participation in sports and outdoor activities can be much more carefree as you no longer need concern yourself with glasses slipping or breaking.  Many contact lens wearers are much happier with their facial characteristics without eyeglass frames.

If you and your optometrist decide contact lenses are a good choice, your doctor will fit you with a trial pair. You probably will require a follow-up appointment or two to make sure you have adjusted to the new lenses.  

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Family of 4 that recently moved to the area and we are so thankful to have found such a wonderful office!! One of the hardest things when relocating is finding new doctors, but this was an easy one. The staff and Dr.'s are absolutely wonderful. From the very first phone call to the last check out, everyone in the office went above and beyond to make sure that our care and needs were being met. We have 2 younger children and they loved their office visit. We were able to get appointments right away and all of us were seen at the same time, such a stress taken off our shoulders with that one!! Thank you again to such an amazing office, so very thankful we found you!!!

Mary B.
Knightdale, NC

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